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Sept 2nd Update....CODZILLA IS SOLD!!!

First let me say that I hope everyone had a great summer despite all the Covid 19 bullshit, mask wearing and insanity. I pulled the plug on this season for a reason and I am glad I did. Codzilla had given me 10 great seasons but last year we had to run "dirty", changing oil on that sick port engine every trip, mid day, etc., I wasn't doing that this year and when I was told we couldn't take more than 3 without social distancing, masks, etc I was all set. So I put the boat up for sale in June and entertained 200 plus ass clowns who either didn't show up to see the boat or wasted my time telling me it was only worth $1k....nope, I would sink it before giving it away for that price. Almost tossed a few guys into the drink for insulting me...on top of wasting my time!!! So this morning, I met up with a hard core fisherman from Long Island who understood the value of the boat, electronics and everything needed to overhaul that sick port engine. He made me a full price offer cash on the spot and he is the new owner. It was bittersweet for me....I had poured my heart, soul and budget making that boat everything I could to be the best bottom fishing vessel for Cod and other cellar dwellers. We had many great trips despite her 8kt top end speed...but she certainly was a very fishy vessel and we generally put fish in the box almost trip. So now that this chapter in my charter fishing story has closed, the time is now to start looking for a replacement vessel. I will be looking for something with more cockpit space, big time diesel power (Detroit, Cummins, Cat, Lugger, etc) and something that has a COI for 12 passengers plus 2 crew. 15 knot cruise at a minimum. 40' x 15' would be ideal, all glass...keep you eyes peeled and if you see something that fits the bill, reach out and contact me personally. 2021 will be a whole new season and I will be ready. God bless to all my great clients and friends...thank you for your patience!!!


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