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Wind, Rain And This Virus Situation....

Not much got done this week due to the less than seasonal weather. April ALWAYS sucks...and I expect this in April...but not now, not in May. May is the month we get shit done so we can be ready to fish by early June. This year we are behind on every level, however, I am trying to stay positive and spending lots of time in the old chart books planning this years trips. I have several old haunts I have not fished in years...and I am planning to give some of these old drops a try. These are the drops you could hook-up with a trophy sized Cod...places nobody fishes anymore or would even think of!!! Bob and I still have some work to do in the wheelhouse, engine room and galley...but other than that, we might be ready to do a shakedown trip by next weekend. The weather will dictate how much we can get done...

The I found out today we will be able to take 3 anglers plus Bob and myself (groups no bigger than 5). It's BS in my opinion but we have to play by these idiotic rules until otherwise. I totally disagree with this, as we are only a six pack the hell are we going to make a paycheck with 3 anglers? Thankfully, diesel is at an all time low...but that gets offset by my incredibly high insurance premium...which is now at an all time high. I never wanted to pass the extra cost onto you guys, but what other choice do I have? I will figure something out...more next weekend. Oh...some more great pics to keep your spirits up...boy do I long for those summer Cod trips!!!


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