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April 8th Update...It's Time To Get Ready For 2020

After one of the most mild winters on record, Bob and I are going to start to get ready for the 2020 season. We have a plethora of small projects that I am confident we can bang out quickly. My goal is to be ready to sail by late April / early May. Obviously, with the virus problem, we cannot run trips with more than five anglers...but since most of our trips top out at four to five, I am confident that we will be able to fish in complete safety and within the guidelines as soon as the boat is ready. The boats that did get out over the winter and into the early spring did find some nice piles of Cod in addition to exceptional readings of bait out on the grounds. I just happen to think all that bait and some much larger fish will be waiting for us when we can finally toss the lines. I already have a bunch of drops I want to try as soon as we can get out there...I have a strong feeling where the fish will be by the time we are ready...did lot's of homework over the winter. So I will keep updating the site as we get through the work list checked off and as soon as we are ready, I will let everyone know. Picture of Bob taken on Sunday with his latest work of art...all hand carved including the Codfish on the bottom of the sign. I think a certain boat up north might be interested in this particular item? More next week....


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