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Maybe Sunday Sept 15th...

We all know what today is and it's a tough day for true patriots who love our country. It's appalling to me how quickly American citizens forgot what happened on this day back in 2001....people jumping off the WTC rather than be burned alive. RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST altered everything on that day in America and changed our way of life forever. What really bothers me is the election of RADICAL MUSLIMS in our congress who say outrageous things like "some people did something"...detestable folks. They HATE our country, our freedoms and our way of life. Vote their asses out in 2020 and I'll just leave it there before my blood pressure goes higher...

Looking at the possibility of a trip this Sunday, Sept 15th. The tides look pretty good with exception to a 9 AM slack...but the PM should heat up on a fast moving ebb. Two days past full moon and I have always done pretty good. The big question mark is the weather on Friday and part of Saturday...looks like its going to blow out of the East both days which really sucks...the question is when will it drop out on Saturday? If it drops out early on Saturday, Sunday will be great...if it blows right into Saturday night, forget it. So I am just seeing who wants to fish Sunday, just a headcount at this point. I will probably make the call on this one late Saturday after the 4 PM updated forecast. Call, text or email me if you want a tentative spot at the rail. More Friday....


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