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Best Cod Trip This Year...

Yesterday's trip was a good one and "long overdue" according to my good friend Dave Walden who fishes with us on a regular basis. Yes, it certainly was overdue and we finally cashed in on a great Cod bite. Despite a strong NE breeze in the AM, the wind eventually eased enough to fish in "relative" comfort but the boat was pitching and rolling beam too all day so everyone went home a bit sore. Up in the wheelhouse I felt like I was on a bucking mechanical bull for 12 hours...thank God for Advil. Once the fish starting coming over the rail, all the pain went away and was replaced with alot of hooting and hollering...funny how a good bite is the best medicine for dealing with rough sea's! Unlike most real good trips in the past, there was no magical hour where all the fish are typically caught, it was a nice steady pick all day with 2-4 fish on just about every drift through both tides and slackwater midday. No real monsters today, but a few nice Green fish in the upper teens. Lot's of tasty markets went into the box and at the end of the day we totaled 40 Cod and just as many big Seabass. FC Bob did a stellar job on deck and cut fish for the 2.5 hour ride-in and was still cutting when I left the dock at 6:30 PM. Not sure how many bags of fillets but let's just say everyone went home happy. Will be watching the track of Hurricane Dorian over the next few days and might try to do a trip at the end of the week before we start to feel her affects. More midweek....


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