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Labor Day Weekend...Forecast Looks Great, Let's Fish!!!!

This is it guys...Labor Day weekend. We have a GREAT storm free weather window with NEW MOON tides...couldn't ask for better!!! I have a feeling this is going to be what we have waited for all summer...I am very confident this will be the weekend we finally get into some real good, old school summertime Codfishing. I have full tanks of diesel, two new 8D monster batteries, a new marinized battery charging station professionally installed, fresh shell bait and a whole arsenal of new jigs, sinkers and everything we need to put some fish in the box. I will be down at the boat tomorrow to ice up and set the gear. I will also load up on fresh eggs, bacon, english muffins and fresh coffee for breakfast. Bob will do his part, I will do mine to put fish in the box and we will have a hell of a good time! I will run Sat, Sun and Monday if I can get enough interest...$, text or email if you want a spot at the rail.


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