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Going To Try For This Friday And Sunday (Or Monday)....

This time of the year things start to get real tricky with the weather and you almost need to be a weatherman to interpret all the latest models as the date to fish approaches. The key factors I watch are wind direction, speed, any approaching cold fronts, predicted wave heights & period...and tidal state. All of these factors play a key role and are all important...but to me wind direction and speed will usually make or break a trip. So last week when NOAA and others changed the wind direction from NNW to NE up to 30+ knots I knew better than to beat anyone up. The guys who went out to the Ledge and beyond paid for it big time (see enclosed photo sent by a friend and all over FB at this time). The predicted 3-4' sea state was more like 5-8' with a big ground swell on top of it. Saturday afternoon it was blowing a steady 20 with gusts of 40 all out of the thanks. Like some other boats I won't mention, I will never take your money and punish you as you try to stand on deck. Your safety is ALWAYS my top priority!!!

Last weekend is the past, let's look forward to the upcoming Labor Day weekend. The new moon tides will be strong and should kick-start a long overdue Cod blitz. My log books don't lie and this is usually when it happens. Aside from a few small storms which I think will stay far south at this point, I would like to try for this Friday, Aug 30th and Sunday, Sept 1st. Again and as will depend on the weather as we approach Thursday, usually by then I will know. We have 3 bushels of fresh shell bait, all new jigs and plenty of great gear which will be ready to go. 6 AM departure both days, return by 5 PM or 6 PM if OT is necessary. $, text or email me if you want a spot at the rail. More midweek...


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