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Next Trip This Sunday, Aug 18th....

I was hoping to run a trip today but my private party cancelled out....too much of this going on this year and I will soon be running things like all the other boats do with a deposit and all that BS...didn't want to go down this road but now I know why the other boats do.

So I am hoping to run an offshore trip to Coxes this Sunday, but I will need a minimum of five to make the run. I want to leave early and come back hard and put a few slobs in the boat. It's time and now or never with regards to the summer Cod run. Two brand new batteries installed this week plus a "Promariner" marine charger will be installed tomorrow so there will be no more delays at the dock. Another $1k out the window this week but what the hell at this point...

$150pp includes all bait, ice and tackle. If we get enough interest, I will throw lines around 5 AM and we will not get back to port till around 6 PM...or later if necessary. Call, text or email me for a spot...


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