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3 Spots Sold, 3 Open For This Sunday....

As of this afternoon I have 3 spots sold so as of right now we have room for 3 more. The weather looks SPECTACULAR and the tides look decent so we will give it another try. Have not decided where I am going to fish yet, look at last week...all that running around for very mediocre results. I will have to dig back into my logbook for what we did on leaner seasons I suppose...I know for sure after speaking to some very good sources today that the Cod that usually come off Nantucket Shoals are non-existent!!! Large headboats fishing Nantucket very recently catching lots of Haddock...but nearly ZERO COD!!! Nobody knows this year where they are....and if they have not migrated to Coxes by now (Im talking the big green fish, not residents) I would say it's a bust. I was definitely marking some nice fish last week and TONS of bait but the fish had lockjaw pretty much all day. Let's hope for better results this week...$150pp includes all ice, bait and tackle. Call, text or Email me anytime....


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