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This Sunday Aug 11th Will Be Our Next Trip...

I am putting last Sunday's Hitchcock trip behind me hoping for better results this coming weekend. I couldn't have done more last Sunday to put fish in the boat...probably steamed over 100 NM on that trip for such measly results. And on paper that should have been a slammer with the tides we had...I am usually spot-on with the technical stuff because I am an engineer by trade / degree...and always believe nothing happens by accident...there is a formula for success, weather it be fishing, investing money in the stock market, financial planning, real estate investing and I could go on for hours but you guys get my point. When I run a trip I look at every single, tides, water temps, local reports, past history in my logbooks and on and on...borderline obsessive perhaps. I even go so far to contact all my commercial friends who I have a GREAT repore with...they give me the real lowdown minus the BS and that is sometimes my greatest asset for planning a trip.

This August has been one leaving me scratch my head....have never seen one like it. Highest water temps I have ever seen on Coxes since I have been recording my reports dating back to 1982...not kidding...bathtub folks!!! And no I don't believe in foolish global warming nonsense, as the earth is billions of years old and is cyclic...goes through periods of warming, cooling, hot periods and years of wicked cold winters. Just in my own lifetime here in New England we have seen all of it...but never a definitive trend. It is ever changing and not predictable by science or humans alike. We can come up with charts, graphs and spread sheets with all kinds of data...but the bottom line is the Earth and Sea will do what it wants minus the media and scientific has been that way since God laid the foundations and I am good with that.

This Sunday....I am looking at everything because I am trying to avoid what we had to endure last weekend. And yes everyone left with a nice batch of fillets but the trip fell short of my expectations. I might do something real out of the box and steam in a direction I haven't been in many, many years. I have had my eye on it for a long time but have no intel, no reports and nothing from my commercial friends because they wouldn't burn the fuel to fish it on a guess. So I don't know at this time what my plan will be for the weekend. One thing for sure will be that we will be fully stocked with fuel, fresh Clam bait and ice...not to mention the best Cod gear in the business...all hand tied by yours truly!!! Bring your sunscreen and lunch...Bob and I will do the rest. $150pp plus the industry standard 20% tip for Fish Counter Bob who is the best deckhand in the business and will keep you fishing tangle free all day, will professionally clean your catch on the way in and serve you a great breakfast when you board. If your a cheap miser and hate to tip out the mate please don't reserve a spot on FV are not welcome on our special trips!!! Go fish with the local headboats and enjoy a trip full of tangles and foolish nonsense!!!

Taking rail reservations for this Sunday's trip....$150pp and includes all ice, bait and tackle. FC Bob will professionally fillet and bag your catch...and hot coffee and breakfast will be served when you board. I am planning to throw lines around 5 AM and return to port when we have fish...OT may be required so we might not be back to port until 7 PM like last Sunday...and if I have to stay out later than that we will do it. Call, text or email me if you want to reserve a spot at the rail...

More this Thursday...



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