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Cod Trip Sunday...And We Are Going For A Long Boat Ride...

Looks like we will finally have things back on track for this weekend. We now know for sure the original vendor did not rebuilt the pump correctly, or at all for that matter. Imagine spray painting an injection pump and handing it back to your customer along with an $800 bill telling him "it's all set Capt". Turns out he somehow forgot to replace the main seal and inlet tube!!! Two critical items and now I know why it pissed even more fuel into the pan after I rebuilt all the injectors and Turbo. I will be on the phone with him tomorrow or perhaps a visit might be in order if I can't get a full refund for shoddy workmanship. As mad as I am, at least I know what the problem is and I am confident that we will finally run right on Sunday. Bob should have the new pump in by Friday and we will run a quick shakedown just to make sure everything is right.

Sunday's trip...if the weather holds, we should be in real good shape to run a long overdue marathon trip for Cod and other cellar dwellers....but my primary focus will be on Cod. The tides will be roughly 3 days after the new moon tides which is music to my ears. Seeing that we will have a tide change at roughly 11 AM, my plan is to fish some wrecks in the AM and then take a short boat ride to fish Coxes in the PM....or visa versa. I have to peek into the log book for some guidance based on the tides, temps and similar trips we have done in the past. It will be a very long day and I plan to throw lines at 5 AM and return to port around 4 PM unless OT is required. $150pp...includes all bait, gear and ice. Bob will also have fresh breakfast ready as well. 2 spots sold, 4 left as of tonight.

Also...please forward me your contact information as I have lost everyone's info due to my Iphone motherboard roasting on Monday. Just text me so I can get you back into my phone...

More updates Friday...


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