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Hoping For A Trip This Weekend...Finally

Just got word this afternoon that my injection pump was incorrectly rebuilt by the local shop I have been loyal to for the past ten years. It will cost me an additional $1200 plus the $800 I already paid out. Needless to say I will be resolving this "in person"....cost me pretty much the whole month of July which I can't get back and I will make this well known to my former vendor. Hopefully we will get the pump installed by Friday so we can guarantee a trip for this weekend. Weather looks good right now, I will have more to report on Thursday, but if you want a spot at the rail let me know.

And to keep on par with this summer's shenanigans, my Iphone took a permanent shit and I lost everyone's contact info. If you have a moment, please text me your contact info so I can get you back in my phone. Thanks...


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