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No Good News...No Trip Today

I hate having to cancel a trip in the 9th hour but that's what happened with today's scheduled trip with my good friend Dave and his group. Guys took time out of work, ect to go fishing and we dropped the ball. I'm willing to limp off the dock and even do an oil change at sea but we had more to deal with than just that and your safety is my number one priority when we throw the lines. Risking it for a couple of Cod will never be my first. So today Bob and I removed the injection pump for a second time (amongst other things I don't need to discuss) and will get a second opinion weather the rebuild was done correctly or not. I'm guessing it was NOT done correctly and there will be hell to pay if that is the case. I paid a local vendor who I trusted $800 to rebuild that pump...and I will get my money back PLUS lost trips, labor to install, remove and re-install, ect. I will have an answer this upcoming week. Got a new vendor who I trust in New Haven, CT...been in business over 100 years so I know their reputable. They will be testing out my pump and it will be either thumbs up or down. So until we get this taken care of, I will be re-rigging all my gear that got trashed on the last two trips. Have 24 new 10oz Vike Jigs, all new lead and a new batch of teasers for the bottom hook of those jigs. Also bought a new Tsunami 7' Cod Rod coupled with my Diawa Sealine High Speed reel. Bob and I will hopefully have everything ready to 100% by midweek. More this week...


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