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Not Enough Interest Today For A Trip, Hoping We Can Fish This Sunday, July 14th...

Can't run a trip with only a party of two. Needless to say we stayed tied to the dock and sadly, it was perfect weather and tides today. I shake my head as I watch all the sheep board the headboats for a glorified day of Scup fishing...and I can't put together a party of at least five for a day of Codfishing? It's sad but all I can do is offer these special trips - at a GREAT PRICE!!! So today was a scratch and we didn't visit the nice little wreck in the above pic I was planning to fish, hoping we can get enough for this Sunday, July 14th...2 days prior to full moon tides so I am expecting some good fishing. I want to throw lines at 5 AM sharp because we have a lot of ground to cover before the tide drops out around 1 PM. We will target Cod in the AM until the tides diminishes...then we will fish for Fluke and Seabass. I will have all the gear ready, fresh bait and Bob's famous breakfast served with hot coffee. If we can get six guys (sold out) the charter will be $125pp plus tip for Bob. Less than six the charter will be #150pp plus tip. Everything is included and you guys know how I fish like a maniac. 110% effort every trip. Call, Text or Email me to hold a spot...


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