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July 6 Update...Fog & Seabass Rule The Day...Would Like To Get In Another Trip Soon...

The weathermen actually got it right for once. It was Pea-soup all day from beginning to end with the exact 2-3' sea state in the AM, 3-4' in the PM. Aside from Googans running around with no radar and a few tugs to dodge, all in all it was a great trip. We worked on one spot all day and got our full boat limit of some real big Seabass, a few Cod, some short fluke and other cellar dwellers. All in all a great trip and everyone bent a rod and had fun.

Hoping to get in a trip midweek...would like to go a bit further than we did today and chase some Cod along with everything else that is dominating the bottom. It was all bait today but I am switching all the gear back to my preferred methods. If anyone can do a trip midweek please let me know. I want to leave real early and make it a full day effort. $150 pp, everything included. Call, text or email to secure a spot at the rail...


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