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Shakedown Run Complete...Let's Fish

Did what I hope will be my final shakedown trip this year, tired of turning wrenches. Almost into July and still working out engine issues....the word "boat" actually means "bring out another thousand"!!! So the new turbo and injectors made a big difference today, way more power, far less smoke but we still have a few things to tweek but not a big deal. Certainly nothing to stop us from running an offshore Cod trip this Tuesday, July 2nd. The weather looks real nice and I want to get this season started ASAP. I need a minimum of four to throw lines although I prefer six. $150 pp, everything included...would like to throw lines at 5 AM and return by 4 PM but will fish OT if necessary. Call, text or email me direct if you want a spot at the rail. Hearing about some very good Cod fishing in a few special drops that I will be investigating on this trip...

Although we were focused on the port engine today, we did make a few stops to load-up on Seabass and some nice Fluke (see the above screen shot). 3 hours of fishing till the tide dropped out at noon and then we called it a day. Crazy weather day...Sunny, overcast, pouring rain, sunny again, then windy, then zero wind and black fog so thick I couldn't see 5 feet past my bow, flat calm to insane chop at times...then sweltering heat at the dock with zero wind again and no fog!!! The only thing it didn't do today was SNOW!!! Weather madness...welcome to New England!!!

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