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New Port Turbo & All Six Injectors Replaced....

Well here we are going into July without a trip under our apologies to all. This port engine has been a thorn in my side for years and instead of chasing our tails some more and losing more trips, I decided to just bite the bullet and shell out another $2k to replace the worn turbo and six leaky injectors which I just rebuilt last year. Will be the last time I use that vendor to say the least. If Bob and I can get this boat right by Friday, I will definitely run a trip on this Saturday. Shoot me a text or email if you want in...and please be patient, I can only run if I have full confidence I can get you guys out and back safely.

Fishing....heard about a few Cod in a familiar place to me, but not most. The source is a friend, fellow Captain and not a bullshitter so I want to get out there and see for myself. More Friday

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