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A Gorgeous Weekend...

Some great weather this weekend for sure...too bad we sat at the dock with our wrench set. After a quick shakedown trip on Friday, I had to pull the plug on the weekend. The boat had no power off the dock and everything felt "off". My apologies to the guys who wanted to fish. So we did some wrenching late into Friday night / Saturday morning. By noon we were ready for a test so Bob threw the lines and we took a little ride. The boat ran much better but still ran warmer than I care for so this week we will be cleaning both heat exchangers and rebuilding the turbo's. Hopefully by next Saturday we can go find some meat. On yesterday's shakedown we did mark a few nice fish inside and I located something I plan to fish soon...a little wreak that isn't where it says it is on those lousy, inaccurate charts. Hopefully next trip or trips will be next Saturday or Sunday, whatever day has better tides & weather. Check back midweek....


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