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Shakedown Trip This Week...

I am planning on running a shakedown trip after Tim from Voltechs gives me a thumbs-up on Wednesday. Bob got the port engine all set and now we are ready to fish. I just want Tim to check the voltage output on that port engine. Starboard is good, we checked that one last week when we installed the big new 8D's. So I am planning my first real trips next weekend depending on the weather. I should know by Thursday and will post what day our first trip will be.

Fishing....the squid bite is on and off and on depending on the conditions. Fluke are biting pretty good, again, depending on the conditions. Very quiet on the Cod front....heard a few here and there...hopefully I will have something solid to report soon.

Check back Thursday for a possible weekend trip or trips if we can get a solid stretch of good weather and interests.


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