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Rain, Rain Go Away...

Got in a few hours yesterday, but we need at least 3-4 days straight without any rain. Injection pump is in but we still have to reconnect everything, bleed lines and dial things in. I guess if we have to do it in the rain, we will. But we can't do any glass work or paint....not wasting $250 worth of paint. The forecast for the upcoming week is more rain but who knows, maybe they will be wrong like they always are when they forecast the sea state.

Guess since we can't get off the dock we'll just keep looking at old pics courtesy of my good buddy Ed Pysa. These fish were all taken in March of 1981...look at those flatties...I remember those days, certainly NEVER would of thought that whole entire fishery would evaporate to the point of total extinction from our RI waters...well at least we can still relish in the memories.

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