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Happy Easter To All...

Regardless of your faith, I wish everyone a happy Easter, Passover, ect., Hopefully you all ate as well as I did today...Deborah went nuts in the kitchen and now I am going to pay for it big time. Did the Pepto thing but that's not going to do it....oh well. Sure was worth it though...baked ham with pineapples & brown sugar, antipasto Deborah style, lasagna, stuffed artichokes, candy carrots, and there's more including all the deserts, but I'm too fat and bloated to remember all the details.

Boat: Injection pump out for a rebuild at Boston Fuel Injection...Pedro does a great job and if you want to knock a couple hundred bucks off what your marina charges you, bring your injection pumps and injectors to him directly...everyone else does, including your mechanic or yard. They all use him...true! Hopefully we will get some nice weather this week so we can start on the deck and glass work much to do, but cannot do it in the rain.

Fishing: Nothing to was blowing 30 yesterday with wind, dense fog and huge seas. I wanted to post more old school pics from back in the day, but I'm to damn lazy to get off my couch tonight and walk down to my garage....sorry I promise I will have more next Sunday with an updated report. Wicked Tuna comes on in 5 minutes...


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