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Working To Get Ready For The 2019 Season...

Bob and I have started to make the big push to get the boat ready for the 2019 season. Starboard side injection pump will go up to Boston Fuel Injection for a complete rebuild this week and we are also going to replace the turbo as well. I have a good used unit that I have been waiting to install, well now's the time. Just going to have to break some really rusted bolts on the manifold to get the existing turbo out, then drill out all broken bolts on the manifold, grind everything to get back to metal surfaces so gaskets all seat, install new gaskets, hope everything lines-up with existing exhaust configuration, drop tons of F'bombs when I find out it doesn't - then fix / modify that problem!!! It's not easy folks...glad nobody but Bob will hear me down on the dock!!! In the end, we should pick-up a little more speed to get us to the fish a bit faster this season.

Once all the mechanical items are finished, we will strip both engines down to bare metal and repaint everything using the factory Royal Blue Perkins engine colors. The turbo's and manifolds will be done in grey high-heat header paint just like we did in holds up well and looks awesome when completed. Upon completion of the engine room, we will be stripping the deck and painting it light gray using Durabak Marine paint which comes highly recommended by my friend Capt. Greg Mercurio of the world famous Yankee Capts headboat docked in Safe Harbor Marina, Key West, Florida. Greg turned me onto this brand and if it's good enough for his deck and the US Navy, I am sure it will be excellent for the deck of Codzilla. Lot's of sweating and pain for the next few weeks, but it will well worth it when we throw the lines. My target date to start fishing is Saturday May 4th / Sunday May 5th. I am very confident that we can get everything wrapped-up by that time, all updates will be posted every Sunday night leading up to that date.

Fishing update....tons of fog down here on Saturday morning and it only got worse in the afternoon. Literal "Pea Soup" by 3 PM...couldn't do the minor glass work I wanted to do in the bridge, so I focused on the new deck pump install and USCG paperwork, vessel documentation and safety gear inspection and testing. On the fishing front, only the Seven B's got off the dock (Friday) but no report was posted so we all know what that means. The water is still real cold at 44 deg on the BI buoy on Saturday...I never like to fish until it gets into the mid 50's, seems like the best temps for a solid spring Cod bite. Every year is different so we shall see...

Pics...more blasts from the past thanks to my good friend Ed Pysa from Connecticut. Ed runs a beautiful 36' Harris, "Tashmoo II" out of Groton, Ct. Hope one day I can purchase this boat from's a sweet ride for sure!!! Thanks for more memories to share with the Codzilla fan base Ed...great stuff for sure!!!

More to come next Sunday...


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