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A New Season Begins....

Tomorrow will be April 1st...for me always the marker date of a new season. I was going to pull the boat but I don't want to be tied-up in the yard for a month. So Bob and I will do the wrench turning and painting right at the dock. My diver will take care of the rest once the water gets warm enough. Depending on the weather, we should be ready to go in a couple of weeks. I will update our progress so keep checking

in here on the blog. Fishing update: Frances got a few yesterday but it's still way off from years past. For some reason that spring Cod bite has been non-existent at Block Island over the last few years. So while we wait to go fishing, I will be posting up some old pics of what Cod fishing used to be like...and it is mind boggling how good it was back in the day. Six boxes worth of "The Fisherman" to sort through dating back to I will have plenty to post over the next few weeks. All pics courtesy of my long time customer and good friend Ed Pysa... thank you Ed!!!

Everyone knows about this one...Frank's first "Gail Frances" after he bought it from Kenny Putnam. Wooden crate but very, very fishy...more next week.


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