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The Fleet Finally Went Fishing...

Well the fleet finally got off the dock this past weekend. The weather was favorable with calm seas and everyone was anxious to get off the dock. A small pile of fish were located (I know the drop) and it was "game on" between the Island Current and Lady Frances (see enclosed pic). Basically a reminder of the 2011 - 2012 seasons...aka "Cod Wars". Getting on the meat is important and why we do this...but when it gets to be reckless and foolish, that's when the fun ends. Keep in mind people, water temps are in the 40's...if something stupid happened (ie...close quarters collision), how many people would potentially be in the water without a survival suit? The headboats all carry adequate vests and rafts for the most part...but they do not carry survival suits. And I know the chances of this happening are very, very slim and I'm not saying they aren't capable of fishing in tight quarters (Mike and Scott are great captains)...but to me it's not worth the risk for a few skinny, Trout sized Cod. It's not. And I understand if someone drops-in on my drift and tries to push me off a piece...happens all the time when the plastic boat fleet is out in swarms during the summer months. And I honestly want to run them down at times...but that's when you have to be smart and move to another drop. Your safety on Codzilla is my number one priority...catching fish is always second. I do not know what transpired out on the grounds this past Sunday, but if I was aboard as a passenger on either boat, I would have been pissed. If you do fish the steel headboats in the winter (like sometimes I do), do yourself a favor and throw a survival suit into a green garbage bag (inconspicuous) and store it in your cooler or under a seat in the cabin with your gear. Using extra caution at this time of year is SMART.

USCG 50 Ton Renewal...heading up to Boston tomorrow to hand in my file of paperwork. Big pain in the ass, but I'm glad they are so thorough...otherwise every Googan would be a Captain. I will have more coming in the next few weeks...I plan to haul-out at the end of the month, overhaul the port engine, remove blisters and do the bottom, paint deck and much more. My goal is to start running trips again late March / early April...however...if the Cod bite from this past weekend really develops after tonight's full moon...I might, might consider doing a few trips - especially if we get a weather window like last weekend. Everything will always be posted right here on the blog...


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