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Feb 10th Update...Not Much Going On

So Bob and I met down at the boat yesterday to discuss our strategy for 2019. I highly doubt we are going to run anymore trips this winter...the weather has been terrible and even the head boats can't get off the docks. No doubt the Cod are spawning "somewhere"...but unless your out there at least a couple times a week, you'll never get dialed-in. Worst winter Cod season on record, but enough of that. My plan is to haul the boat at the end of February and do the following (of course depending on $$$)...

+ Remove all blisters and paint hull and deck

+ Install new forward hatch

+ Overhaul port engine complete with new turbo and inj. pump

+ Test all electrical systems and VHF's

+ Replace both 8D batteries, install new charger

+ Re-wire the cabin

I am sure that list will grow much bigger once we haul. Yesterday we tested the epirb and checked all the safety gear. My raft is only a year old and my flare kit was just replaced last fall. So everything is good from a safety standpoint. Now all we need is some decent weather and fish to catch...but that will come. Saturday, April 6th will be my target date to start fishing...but of course that is just my target. Last spring the weather was dreadful and I didn't get any good trips in until July. That was never the case in the "old days"...April and May traditionally where great months to catch Cod around the Block. July 4th was always the marker date to start fishing Cox Ledge...of course that was 25+ years ago. But every season is different...last year we battled dogfish for the entire month of June then we had some really great trips without a dog in sight. Who knows what this season will bring? All I know is that I will do my very best to put everyone on some get that gear ready, go buy some jigs on ebay and check back every week for my fishing report and some good ones yesterday - everyone tied to the dock with 40 kt gusts...


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