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Jan 29th Update....Lousy Weather, Lousy Fishing...Still

I hate fishing in the winter. It's so damn unpredictable and difficult to find a feeding body of fish. If you do...chances are it's the motherload, all stacked-up like chord-wood...spawning. If you do find them (step 1) then you have to hope and pray they are hungry or pissed-off enough to hit your jig or bait out of territorialism (step 2 - just a theory I came up with while they spawn...every other fish does it, ie - freshwater sunfish, we all remember what they do when we were kids-clear a spot in the gravel bottom and protect it, I think it's no different with Cod, just with a twist...done in the water column vs guarding a patch of bottom due to the way the female releases her roe, eggs). And I could go more into this theory but I don't want to put anyone to sleep. I've done a lot of research into this theory and should probably get some therapy for the amount I have invested. Anyway, point being it's tough to put a solid catch together in the winter at times. That being said...getting a line in the water and having some good laughs with your fishing friends is better than sitting on the couch while your better half comes up with all kinds of "fun" projects for you to do around the house. So the upcoming weekend weather is looking pretty good at the moment and I do have tons of clams and jigs ready to roll. I am going to watch the weather and if I can put a crew together for Saturday we just might get a trip in. You guys know how rapidly weather changes at this time of year so I will have to be very confident in the forecast but I'm itching to get off the dock. Tides look decent and if the forecast holds I want to go. Meanwhile, we have some cold as hell weather coming in starting tomorrow night....and a few pics from the last cold snap above...frozen sea fog...something you don't see often. Will post up status of possible trip this Thursday. Call, text or email if you want me to hold a spot at the rail....


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