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Jan 13th Update...

Very quiet in the parking lot of the Frances Fleet this morning...a few cars from Ma, Ct and NY. Small crew for such a beautiful day. Seven B's was parked at the dock without enough guys to fish. Im sure football has something to do with it. Anyways...word on the dock is very few Cod around. Many of the boats that got out yesterday never even posted a know what that means. Fishing in the winter for Cod is very hit and miss. The only seasons I remember it being real good was 2010 -2012...remember "Cod Wars" anyone? That year the fish were stacked-up in one tiny little area the size of a two trailer trucks back to back. It was vicious savage bite at certain times when we had some running tide, then it would shut down like someone turning off a light switch. Boats fishing right on top of each other dangerously close...insanity. Not for the faint of heart for sure. The above pic is courtesy of my buddy Steve at

As far as this winter goes...not sure if we are going to get off the dock for another trip. The fishing has to improve significantly...I hate boat rides. Full moon is next weekend so that might bring on the bite...if the weather is good I might do a trip on Saturday...we shall see. Check back in midweek, until then, enjoy some football.


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