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The Haddock Are Here...And More About This Wacky Season And Hopefully Some Trips...

This is definitely one of the most interesting seasons I can remember in a very long time. Some really great Codfishing in July and August...then a couple great trips catching Pollack (haven't seen this in years) and now great schools of Haddock showing-up on the grounds...something we have never seen this far south of the Cape...not in my lifetime anyways. Yes I have seen an occasional Haddock caught here and there over the years but nothing like this. I started hearing the rumors way back in September from my fleet of dragger buddies - one of who I share a slip with in the point. He was telling me about guys hauling 6k pound tows...I had the numbers and location...but couldn't get the weather to get there. Now those huge schools have disbanded and are now stacking up like chord wood on our more common grounds. We are ready to go...but I need a crew who wants to fish. Need a minimum of four for any trips going forward...cannot run trips and lose money, that's not how it works. What baffles me is the head-boats selling out and I cannot get enough to get off the dock...baffling!!! So once again I will watch the weather and hope to get out this weekend. Check back at the end of the week...


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