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Shameful We Had No Crew For This Past Weekend...Going To Try Again For This Saturday, December 1st..

The hardest thing for me is to be tied to the dock on a perfect day and seeing the rip-off party boats sold out with suckers who think they are taking them fishing....and could give two shits if you catch or don't. That was the case last Saturday when I came down to the boat...I was pissed. Couldn't raise a crew of four with perfect tides and weather, yet the rip-off fleet was sold out. Sickening...I am hoping to get off the dock this Saturday, December 1st....tides are not perfect, but will fish the incoming tide from 9 am till 3 pm. Have all the gear set, fresh bait, breakfast and more....$150 pp....the best deal in town...c'mon guys, lets go kill some COD!!!!


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