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Monday Nov 12th Looks Perfect...Light And Variable 9 Kts, NNW....1-2' Seas

Been sitting at the dock way too long....but this Monday, Nov 12th looks real nice for a day out on the water. Will be four days after the new moon and sometimes that can make all the difference. Tide change will be at 10:30 AM, which I am not a fan of, but since it will be ebbing late morning, early afternoon that could be a bonus. Ebb tides always run harder than the we have to get out there and find out. I have tons of shell bait sitting in my freezer and more jigs on board than most tackle stores. Now all I need is four anglers who want to fish. Call in sick, cancel your appointments and put the "honey to do list" aside for a day. Bob and I will have the boat ready to roll with breakfast sandwiches, fresh coffee, ice, bait and tackle. My plan is to jig for Cod....and I do have some area's that I haven't fished yet this year, but have done well in past November seasons. $150pp...everything included. Plan to throw lines at 6 AM and will return to port around 4 PM. Call, text or email if you want a spot at the rail!


PS...pic above is from a trip in Nov during the 2015 season

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