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Not Much To Report, Wind Machine Cranked Up To Max Fall Volume.....

My apologies for the overdue update...just really have nothing to report or talk about. Its been endless wind blow-outs most weekends and the few days that have been fishable have been during the week when everyone is at work. Not one trip in October...which is a first for me. Ok so I am hoping in November the winds come down a bit and hopefully we can sneak in a few trips. This weekend is certainly out....all we can do is watch for the upcoming week and hopefully get a day or two over the weekend that is fishable. Water temps are dropping and I know the Tog bite has been real good when the weather man allows for it. No word on Cod but I have a hunch on where they may be setting up shop. Usually visit only one small area at this time of year. Going to watch for next weekend, let's hope the wind drops out a bit and allows us a day out on the water...will update by Thursday Nov 8th for next weekend


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