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Looking At Next Weekend...

Very busy with real estate sales at this time of year and that's ok because what that translates into is a new boat....and we will talk about that in a few minutes. Wednesday's private trip never got off the dock and that's good because the guys that sailed got beat-up and caught nothing but Seabass and Scup. Our target is always Cod but at this time of year it's tough in our local waters...all those Seabass and Scup filtering off the beach makes it real hard for the Cod to get to the hook first. October is always my toughest month for Cod...can't wait for the water to cool down some more and see the Seabass and Scup move out to deeper waters. So next Sunday, Oct 21st is sold out with a private party...if we get the right weather. Saturday, Oct 20th is undecided. I will do it if I can get the right weather and enough interest. Tides look so-so....4 days prior to full moon...always hit or miss, but you never know.

So last post I featured the 40' Custom Willard....this post I am featuring a 35' Henriques "Maine Coaster". Its the former "Celtic Horizon" out of Orient Point. Its one hell of a boat with a 120 sq/ft stern and well known stability in all kinds of seas. It has twin Detroit diesels with a total of 600 hp. Great electronics package and all kinds of extra's. She has been on the hard for years and that is the one thing that concerns me. I would have to do a full survey on both vessels...but we shall she. I couldn't fish more than 6 comfortably on the stern and that is a huge drawback for me. I want to be able to take at least 10-12 guys, USCG inspected this might not be the boat, but again, we shall see. I probably shouldn't worry about 10-12 guys, I have a hard enough time just getting 4 to sail!!! So it's a big wait and see right now....and I can't really do anything till Codzilla that's another consideration....good grief!!!

Capt. More midweek...

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