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Private party Trip This Wed Oct 10th...Might Have Room For One

First off, I need to apologize to my friends Bob, Elliot and Ron for having to cancel our trip which was scheduled to sail today. As many of you know, I only run the boat part time and its more of something I do because I love fishing and putting people on good fishing is my passion...however, I also have bills and the reality of life like we all do and sometimes work supersedes our fishing trips. Unfortunately that was the case this weekend...I had to do several open houses this weekend (yes I am a licensed RI, MA and CT real estate agent)...and it left me with no time to prep the boat and run the trip properly, and I won't do it any other way. The good news is I WAS SLAMMED and had several great showings and offers coming what does that mean to my great fishing clients? How about a new boat folks...that's what that translates into. So yes we might have been sidelined today from catching a few Cod, hundreds of Seabass and Scup...but the reality is, I need to upgrade to the new Codzilla and I already found the boat...If even 1/2 of today gets to the closing boat on the way. I actually have two boats in my crosshairs....more on that later. I spoke to several captains who made it off the dock today and things went exactly as I had predicted. Very sloppy in the AM as they blew the forecast as usual...and the Cod fishing was it always is at this time of year. Hundreds of Seabass and Scup, but the Cod could not get to the hook fast enough...a few fish caught here and there but nothing to write home about.


Private Party this Wed Oct 10th...might have one spot available.

Next weekend is a question mark...we shall see. Have a few reservations on tap, but its all on the weather.

More midweek and I will do better to keep up with this blog but sometimes I get overwhelmed with work and commitments...I promise to do better for my great fishing friends and clients! Teaser pic of one of the two boats I am looking at...40' x 15' Willard custom, 200 sq/ft stern (huge could fish 10 guys in comfort), single big Detroit with twin turbo's - 700 HP (17 kt cruise, 29 kt wot), autopilot, genset, AC, heated cabin, full galley, full electronics and much more...more about the other boat next post


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