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No Trip Today Despite GORGEOUS Weather...

Sadly, I could have ran today's trip...I did get the minimum of four but it was too late. I had already told my friends from NJ that we didn't have enough....they needed to know by noon on Saturday because they were driving up and getting a hotel room. I have no problem with guys jumping on at the last minute, I welcome long as I have four booked solid a day or two prior to our date. Yesterday I only had two anglers and suddenly get a bunch of interest late on Saturday, it was too late and I had changed my plans as well. This is sometimes what happens when you run open boat trips like I do...but it was hard to be tied to the dock today, the weather was perfect. So if you see me post a trip you might be interested in, call a day or two prior to sailing and I will hold you a spot at the makes it easier for everyone and allows me to give more notice to the guys coming up from NJ and PA.

The report...the grounds are overrun with Seabass and Porgies just like it gets every year at this time. The headboats caught a few Cod, but it was very spotty from what I was told...impossible to get past the other fish. So I will be watching the weather this week, hopefully Friday will be our next is the breakdown:


Friday Oct 5th, Sat Oct 6th or Sun Oct 7th....whatever is the best weather day(s). Good AM Ebb tides as we approach the new moon. I anticipate some really good fishing and I plan to fish deep to get away from the Seabass and Scup invasion. I would also consider fishing Mon Oct 8th, Tues Oct 9th or Wed Oct 10th if we can get enough interest. Those will be the three new moon ebb tides days which I anticipate will be very good as well. Just need good weather and four guys minimum.

Friday Oct 12th, Sat Oct 13th or Sun Oct 14th...whatever is the best weather day(s). I have two spots sold for whatever the best weather day is. Need two more to make it a trip.

More to come midweek, check back on Thursday for trip status. If any of the above dates work for you, don't hesitate, call, text or email me so we can put a trip together. Let's not miss anymore days like today...


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