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No Trips Until Next Weekend....

Scup and Sea Bass Invasion...SE Block, Oct. 2016

I probably could have run a trip tomorrow but had no time to prep this week, study tides and put it together the right way like I usually do. However, according to my logbooks all the juvenile Scup and Sea Bass should start filtering in off the beach to invade the grounds SE of Block on their journey to deeper water. So what does that mean? It means you won't get a jig or bait past them to lure in a Cod. Usually this phenomenon starts in mid to late October, but this year is different....and everyone knows this season has been way off with very warm water temps and unusual catches of Pollack and HUGE HAULS OF HADDOCK (from my commercial source) in our deeper waters - yes huge, nets with 6k pounds of fish...unheard of in Southern New England...and with 71 degree water temps!!! Unfortunately, the weather over the course of the last two weeks have kept me tied to the dock...but I do have a lock on the area these Haddock were commercially harvested...just couldn't get to them. After all these storms and easterly winds I am sure they have moved on but will put a footnote in the logbook for next late August, early September. Meanwhile, I will be prepping the boat for next weekend. All the gear will be ready, we will be stocked with fresh clam bait and our galley will be stocked with everything Bob needs to make a great breakfast to get the day started. I will be watching the weather closely and should have a good idea by Thursday, Sept 27th if we are going to have a trip. Enclosed is a pic from the 2016 Scup and Sea Bass invasion, SE was unfishable, but I know where to go to avoid this. Check back on Thursday for the upcoming weekend trip details...and let's hope these easterly winds will give us a break!!!


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