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Not Enough Interest For Tomorrow...

Was hoping to sneak in a trip tomorrow but we just couldn't get enough interest. Im sure the water might be a bit dirty but its better than sitting tied to the dock. So we shall see what we can do after the remnants of Hurricane Flo passes on Tuesday. Hopefully we will be in the clear for a while so we can get in a few trips. More midweek...

Capt. how accurate was my storm prediction in my previous few post? Loss of life stands at 11 right now...wish I was wrong on that one. Maybe I will be a meteorologist in my next life? Truthfully, understanding weather is paramount to being a good's just as important, especially up here in the North East where weather conditions change very, very rapidly. I enjoy studying weather and weather keeps my passengers safe and ensures that we don't get caught fishing in slop and dangerous conditions. Your safety and comfort out on the grounds is my number one priority!!!

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