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Hurricane Flo And The Update...

Hurricane Florence will slam into the Carolina's with intense ferocity unlike anything they have seen in years. Although downgraded to a category 3 status, its the actual speed of the storm (a very slow 16 mph) that may bring the most damage. With a 13+ foot storm surge and rain being measured in "feet" not "inches"...flooding will be immense and lengthy. Its not just going to hit and move away within a couple hours...its going to be around for 24 - 48 hours. Even the best forecast technology cannot predict how long this storm is going to linger. This is exactly what happened in 1978 when we got hit by the blizzard and everyone from these parts remembers that monster. I have been monitoring the situation closely and I get a sense that many people are ignoring the evacuation orders given earlier. I pray that I am wrong, but when all is said and done, I expect several people will lose their lives...again I hope I am wrong. All we can do from here is pray to God for those who did not evacuate, material things can all be replaced, but not your life.

Fishing...nothing but easterly winds around here all week with wind, rain and small craft advisories. Well that really stinks but its September in New England and I guess we are just going to have to wait it out. The next fishable day looks like this Sunday, September 16th...its a big question mark and we are still a long way out so we will have to see. I will know for sure by Saturday...if anyone wants to reserve a spot at the rail let me know sooner than later - just so I can get a head count. Need minimum of 4, you guys know the drill. Call, text or email me....more on Saturday


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