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Thumbs Down For This Weekend...And A Hurricane On The Way

Well its that time of year again, unfortunately. We have been spoiled the past few hurricane seasons but I have a bad feeling about this one. The water has been the warmest I have ever seen it and the tropics are already churning out storms like a machine. Hurricane Florence is going to strengthen over the course of the next few days and everything is going to hinge on a high pressure system that will build-in to the north of the storm. If the high pressure remains strong it will act like a paperweight and hold the storm on a straighter course, hitting the mid Atlantic states, Carolina's. If the high pressure weakens slightly, the storm will likely turn slightly to the north and everyone in the Northeast will be in the cross-hairs of a direct hit. The best case scenario would be for that high pressure front to weaken and fall apart quickly. Like an open gate, that would allow the storm enough time to turn north and out to sea which is the typical pathway most of these storms take. Right now its a waiting game and that's all we can do. trips this weekend, its going to blow NE starting late Saturday morning and peaking on Monday with 25 kts of wind and 9-10' seas. No thanks. Hopefully this will stir things up a little on the grounds and cool the water down a few degree's. Too bad because I had a pretty good battle plan for tomorrow...going to shelf that till the next trip.

I do have trips planned for the upcoming week, Sept 12-15th, whatever day is best weather wise. Have two spots open, maybe three. But with Hurricane Flo off the coast, its likely not going to happen, we shall see. More on Sunday...


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