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Sea Bass Slaughter, Just A Handful Of Brown Bombers...

For anyone who thinks we need to better regulate Sea Bass with ridiculous 3 and 7 fish bag limits, you obviously have no real clue just how many of these fish are out on the grounds. We steamed all over the place yesterday and fished every depth from 90' to 185'....could not escape the Sea Bass after limiting out in less than an hour. Jigs or bait, it didn't matter, they were on it before the Cod even had a chance. Fortunately, we did get 1/2 dozen nice ones to make the trip worthwhile, but I really wanted better for the guys. Did roll and drop a couple big ones, but that happens every trip. Watching the weather and hoping we can run a couple trips at the end of the week...looks like some Easterly wind is coming in on Friday which is never good, but its too early to tell. More on Thursday....


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