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Watching For Saturday, Sunday & Monday...FV Codzilla Officially Up For Sale...

Looks like we are going to have some easterly winds coming in late tomorrow to blow this heat wave out of town...thank God. When the front passes it will bring with it the usual rain and wind we have become accustomed too this summer. Friday is definitely out but I don't want to put the breaks on Saturday, Sept 1st just yet. If that front passes quickly enough we might have decent enough weather for a trip on Saturday. The tides will be better for Sat & Sun, with slack water at noon allowing us to fish both sides of the flood and ebb...Monday its all flood and at 2pm slack water. But who knows...only the Cod know when they want to eat. So that's the midweek update...more as we approach the weekend. All trips are $150 pp and includes all ice, bait, tackle and fresh breakfast sandwiches & coffee from our new galley when you board. We throw lines at 6 AM and do not return till we have fish in the box...and keep in mind, Sept 1st the regs go to 7 Seabass per person! Shouldn't be hard to achieve as we pursue the Winter many Seabass on the grounds its really unreal, the bag limit should be 25 per person and that wouldn't even put a dent in it. ringing all day...yes FV Codzilla is up for sale for VERY short money when taking into consideration what I have invested. Its a hell of a boat for $10k and the electronics alone cost more. Perfect entry level charter boat for any up and coming about her specs here on the site or check out my CL posting....

Found the new boat and its time to move up...more on Friday, standby


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