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No Trip Wed...Too Bad, Great Weather and Great Fishing!!!

Really perplexed tonight...received an email from a friend tonight who sent me real good Intel and pics to back it. Caught more Cod (and huge, avg 20 lbs +) than any other trip in years...would have made the run tomorrow but I have ZERO, NADA interest....NOTHING!!! Can't understand this...guys line the rails on the party boats catching 3 Seabass and a couple Fluke, but nobody will pay a few dollars more to have a full day Cod trip? Shaking my head...

Anyway, so instead of slaughtering Cod tomorrow, we will be tied fast to Dock PP. Weather looks like shit for Thursday - Saturday, so we will not throw the lines unless there is a change from now to then. Next trips planned for this Sunday and Monday, Labor Day weekend...again weather permitting. $150pp and includes all bait, tackle, ice and breakfast sandwiches with fresh coffee when you board. Fish Counter Bob will tend to you on deck all day, professionally fillet your catch and bag it for you on the way in....(20% Tip, standard on all vessels for the mate)...Call, Text or Email if interested in securing a spot at the rail.


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