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Clobbered Some Nice Cod Today...Not Enough Interest For Sunday? Next Trip Planned For Tuesday 8/28.

After the trip we had today, its hard to believe I only had one person interested in our trip for tomorrow....perfect weather, smooth seas and the Cod bite is on...don't get it. That's OK....I will sleep in and have plenty of good laughs watching Fake News "Meet The Press"in the AM....but truthfully speaking, I would much rather be fishing for Cod...especially after today.

Started the day by the Block hoping to save some fuel and allow the guys more time to fish but it was not meant to be. The plastic boat fleet have completely overtaken the grounds making it impossible for the commercial charters to even get in a drift without googans dropping in right on top of us from every direction. After an hour of playing bumper cars with other boats and catching short Seabass & 10" Cod it was time to pack it in and take a boat ride. I poked my head out of the wheelhouse and in true Capt. Ahab fashion said "What say ye Fish Counter Bob"? His reply..."Go big, go deep". Sounded about right so we pointed the bow east and went deep...real deep.

I have NEVER fished for Cod in RI waters beyond 140' finding a pile to work on in 180' was astonishing to me. The story actually goes back a good 5 years when I was berthed next to my dragger friend Capt. Joe W (who runs the oldest

dragger in the point, can't mention the name for privacy purposes) afternoon after a long conversation about "old time Codfishing" he handed me a crumpled Dunkin Donut napkin with a number scribbled on it, "Lost some gear in this area, its worth a look". I never forgot the conversation and have been staring at that waypoint for was the day to pay this special drop a visit. So in the middle of nowhere, with only a single lowly dragger off my stern, we decided to send both jigs and bait down into the abyss...rods doubled over and it was "game-on" for the next hour. Prior to the tide change, we boxed 30+ nice Cod and a full boat limit of huge Seabass, several Ling, huge Bergalls, and even some Pollack and Whiting! Three men cut fish for 2.5 hours on our way in and good eats will be had for all aboard for several weeks. Definitely my favorite trip of the summer so far...nothing better than catching the "Winter King" 180' of water with no other boats in sight. Hoping we can get a trip together for this Tuesday, August 28th...the weather looks great and we will still have some good leftover tides from the full moon. Call, text or email if you want a spot at the rail...



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