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Saturday is a go, short two but I can't stay tied to the dock with perfect tides and weather...I

Very disappointed with the turn-out for this weekend....crickets literally!!! We have perfect weather, full moon tides and nobody wants to fish??? But the sheep will fill the rails on all the local head-boats with zero effort and I could go on for hours. Bob and I work our asses off to offer you folks the best trips in the business...full breakfast, all bait, ice and tackle included....and top shelf fish cleaning at the end of the day. We even fish OT if the bite is off...nobody does that. Not sure what else to say...running tomorrow short two men because it would be a sin for this boat to be tied to the dock. I literally have zero interest for Sunday unless I get a bunch of calls, texts and emails tomorrow....very perplexed??? If you want to fish on Sunday leave me a message and I will call you immediately when we get back to port tomorrow afternoon (between 5-6 PM).

Saturday, August 25th - 3 Spots Open

Sunday, August 26th - 6 Spots Open

Call, Text or Email me...Don't miss out!


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