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New Starter On Board...And A New Grill!!! Hoping For Trips This Friday 8/24 And Saturday or Sunday,

I feel happy to report that Bob and I will have the new starter installed tomorrow and we are re-wiring our shore power which is long overdue. Those GFI outlets suck and we are going back to the way things were when we had zero problems. Also....just purchased a killer commercial, Stainless Steel grill for Bob to do his cooking on...its really something and we should have a fully functionally galley by the next trip. With our big inverter, we now to have the ability to serve fresh coffee and breakfast every trip...and lunch!!! We are setting things up to make your trip a great EXPERIENCE...not just another fishing trip! Speaking of trips...

My Bouyweather extended forecast (which is far more accurate than NOAA in my opinion) is showing smooth seas for the end of the upcoming week. We will be ready to go and those lines will be tossed. The fish are waiting and I am chomping at the bits to get out there....more to come midweek. Check back on Wednesday 8/22 for the updated report. The pic above shows the new grill and starter in the tote....


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