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FV Codzilla "Good To Go"...Hoping To Get A Few Trips In At The End Of The Week...

We are good to go. After a tough trip on Friday, Bob and I have everything back together and ready to sail next weather window...which too me, looks like this Thursday, August 16th through Sunday, August 19th. In a perfect world, I would have six spots sold out for each day...but realistically, If I can get at least four spots for any of these days...I will make the run. Cod is our primary target, but we will get a plethora of species including Cod, Pollack, Ling, Sea-Bass, Flounder, Fluke, Cunners, Scup, Trigger Fish and more!!! South of Block is an aquarium...and there are so many good eating fish out there!!! Always throw the lines at 6 AM and don't come back to port till we have some fish....usually around 5 PM. All tackle, bait and ice included....and our gear is top shelf....not what you will get on any other boat. $150pp plus a generous 20% industry standard tip for "Fish Counter Bob"....the best mate on the East Coast...who will tend to you all day on the deck and professionally fillet and bag your catch on the way in...we have a fully galley, functional head and much more!!! Call, Text or Email to hold a spot at the rail....Here is the lowdown as of 8/14...

Thursday, Aug 16th...(6) spots open

Friday, Aug 17th...(6) spots open

Saturday, Aug 18th...(3) spots sold, (3) spots open

Sunday, Aug 19th...(6) spots open

My phone doesn't always ring, but I do return all calls....Text is best and I do reply to all emails. If you call to reserve a spot at the rail, all I ask is that you show-up...DON'T RESERVE A SPOT AND THEN PULL A NO SHOW...too much of this BS lately and I need to drop the hammer...this is a business guys...if you reserve a spot, its your job to show-up and fish...period. Thanks for understanding....lets go out and kill some Cod this week!!!


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