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8/11 Update...Decent Trip Friday, No Trip Today or Tomorrow, Wrenching Instead Of Fishing...

Not sure if someone bought bananas on the boat for yesterday's trip, but the boat gremlins came out in force on Friday. Started off with a blown fuel line and ended the day with my portside shaft separating from the coupling, leaving me on one engine for the entire trip. Regardless of the gremlins, we still fished hard on Friday and boxed some nice fish....and dropped many others. Fishing was "decent" but far short of what I was expecting with the new moon tide. Actually, we caught most of our fish on slack tide in the middle of the day with zero drift! Just goes to show that you never just have to go out and toss a line in the water. "Be the report" as "Fish Counter Bob" always says...

Obviously, today's trip got cancelled and we really had no interest for Sunday. So rather than fish, Bob and I pulled-out the tool boxes and got dirty. Finding my port shaft "floating" in the bilge and separated from the coupling was disturbing, and normally not something you can repair in the water...unless you have a lot of determination and a volunteer willing to jump in the drink and push the shaft back into the coupling (thank you FB Bob for getting in the drink at low tide today). We'll bolt everything back together on Monday after we get all new SS hardware and hopefully, we can run a trip or two midweek if there is enough interest.

More to come on Monday.....standby


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