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Slow Today...PICTURE PERFECT NEW MOON TIDES For The Upcoming Weekend.....Aug 10 - 12th

Made the offshore run today...and the marks were solid on every drop...but the fish had "lockjaw" and refused to chew like they have been on the past few trips. Considering we had 77 deg F water (warmest I have seen in years) and a non-existent drift (weak moon tides) on the offshore grounds.....we still boxed 15 nice Scrod and a full boat limit of Seabass plus all kinds of other "cellar dwellers"....including some nice Ling dings and Flounders. Overall it was a decent trip (C+ in my book), but everyone left with nice bags of fillets and we steamed over 100 miles by days end getting back in to port by 7:30 PM tonight....put in some OT to ensure we had some fish in the box for FC Bob to fillet....Rounded out the day with some real nice sea's on the way in, plus a couple spots with all kinds of whales, porpoises and on one drop we marked some nice giants...wish I had my 130 gear on board!

The upcoming week....boy am I excited about what I see coming this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Aug 10 -12)...when I say PERFECT NEW MOON TIDES....I really mean it. We will have incredible EBB tides to work with all weekend and I want to run every trip if I can get enough interest. I honestly believe it will be a slaughter....FC Bob and myself will have everything ready...we need a minimum of 5 to sail and you will get 110% effort...even if that means working OT like today to put a catch together, that's what we do!!! I have a very good feeling about this upcoming weekend and I am hoping we can sell out every trip...Call, Text or Email for a spot at the rail....the weather looks great right now...but that can always change...I will know all the details by this Thursday (Aug 9th)...


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