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Unexpected Pollack Slam Today....

Set out for a pretty straightforward mixed bag trip today and it turned into something far more special. Our Southern New England waters, once rich with Mackerel, Pollack and Giant Tuna are mere memories of the past...and have not had a strong showing truly since the late 80' fact, the last time I caught double headers of big Pollack was the spring of 1985. We used to tow umbrella rigs directly under the SE Light on Block and catch as many as your arms could tolerate (old timers remember these days). Sadly, that fishery died out many years ago and its almost unheard of to catch even a stray Pollack in these waters have to go up north and fish deep. Decided to have a look at an old wreck today and the fish were waiting. Double headers of Pollack all morning and many of the bigger doubles broke off taking jigs and teasers with them back to the bottom. It was something neither I or Fish Counter Bob has seen in over 30 years....epic Pollack fishing in Southern New England Waters. Lots of fat fish stuffed with sand-eels...and I can only hope this big body of "Boston Bluefish" hangs around for a few more weeks...finished-up the day with 30+ Pollack, 20+ Market Cod, a handful of Seabass and one lowly winter flounder....the "endangered" dogs were present late morning / early afternoon and made there presence known when we moved to the backside of the inshore grounds...overall, a memorable and epic day out on the water and no doubt shaping up to be a fantastic summer season for Cod and Pollack!!! Catch-em up!!!

Upcoming week....looks like we have some weather to deal with for the rest of the week, perhaps we may have a break over the weekend? The boat will be locked, loaded and ready to get the decks bloody first break in the weather. My hopes are for Saturday and Sunday (August 4th and 5th)...we shall see...keep your eye on my website blog....its all there, the trips, reports and more.

Lastly, if you reserve a spot at the rail, your responsible for showing-up and being part of the crew. I make the call on the weather...your job is to show-up on time and ready to many last minute cancellations lately and I have to nip this in the ass before it becomes a problem. I have always done business on a hand shake, old school and honorable...and I would hate to have to force clients to send me a non-refundable deposit via the internet...but if it comes to that, its going to be our new way of holding you a spot at the rail...let's hope it doesn't have to go there.



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