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Cod On The Rod Today...Next Trip Maybe Tues, July 31st...or Wed, Aug 1st

Today started a bit on the nautical side but once we got to the grounds we only had a very minor ground swell to deal with and it was "game-on" with the "Winter King" who is quickly becoming the "Summer King" in these parts...and who doesn't love to catch Cod in a tee shirt? And catch we did, despite the warm 73 degree water...a big improvement from last week and very steady action all day thanks to yesterdays full moon tide cycle...really makes such a difference. Oddly, we started at slack tide and caught fish on virtually every drop, steady and consistent but much different than most trips where we usually have that one "magic hour" where we catch a pile and it shuts down. It was steady as I have ever seen it....every drift we picked away at a few fish...and although most were very nice mediums / markets, we did have a few brutes that pulled drag and were lost on the big head shakes / rolls the bigger fish are known to do...couple heart breakers lost just shy of the gaff. Also to note, the "endangered" Dogfish also had a very strong showing today....twisting up in the gear causing havoc and deckhand "Fish Counter Bob" had his hands full all day and every rod was re-set multiple times to keep pace with the action! By days end we boxed 60 Cod, 20+ Sea Bass, one very nice Fluke and another lowly Starfish (released of course) which seems to be the good luck charm for the FV Codzilla!!! Another side note, the offshore grounds were alive and well with all kinds of sea life...whales, birds and some of the biggest schools of sand-eels I have ever seen...stacked like chord wood 10-15' off the bottom. Hopefully this epic summer run of the "Winter King" will continue...we shall see!!!

This week I am hoping to get out either Tuesday (July 31st) or Wednesday (August 1st) all depends on the weather and if we can get enough interest...I have two spots sold for Tuesday and need four to make it a trip....$150pp if we can get all six spots filled (If not, the price goes up on a sliding scale...sorry). Call in sick to work and put your "honey to do" list aside...catch some summertime Cod while there here!!! In short sleeves no less!!! Call, Text or Email me anytime...I do reply to all messages....


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