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(2) Summer Inshore / Offshore Cod Trips On The Calendar For The Upcoming Weekend...Don't Miss Ou

I am planning to run two full day Cod trips this upcoming weekend...July 28th & 29th, weather permitting. We will be fishing on full moon tides and I have high expectations. We will throw lines at 5 AM (or earlier depending on my intel)...start on inshore Cod grounds with some shallow water jigging and work the Gully, Coxes Ledge SW Corner and SE Corner...Coxes Mountain, Dukes Peaks and more...I will hit every significant drop in my GPS and probably cover over 100 miles of bottom at days end. Both trips will be 12+ hours and I will have all the gear 3 bushels of fresh shell bait (just in case). "Fish Counter Bob" will run the deck and professionally fillet, bag and ice all your fish. Saturday, July 28th has three spots open and Sunday, July 29th has six spots open. Hoping for some good weather...and will have more info by midweek. Need to have a solid forecast to run these trips...can't mess around with mother nature 25 miles offshore with a 10 knot boat! I will update midweek and by Thursday, July 26th I should know all the weather details. Call, Text or Email me to hold a spot. The price breakdown for both trips is as follows...

$150 pp if I can sell each day out with 6 anglers....

$170pp if I can only get 5 anglers....

$200pp if I can only get 4 anglers....

Please keep in mind diesel is at $3+ a gallon and fresh shell bait is at an all time everything I put into a trip...such as custom jigs at $10 a piece, custom rods & reels at $100 a piece, endless maintenance, charter insurance and on and on and on...I have to make something to keep this operation going!!! A customary 20% tip for the mate is the standard rate on every boat...and FC Bob certainly earns it. We will do everything to make your Cod trip the best we can...our past reports speak for themselves and at the helm, you will get nothing less than 110% effort. Call, Text or Email me your reservation at the rail...don't miss out on these trips...looking to slay some big fish!!!!


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